My Yoga, My Practice

Daily routine

Yoga is a life journey. My Yoga practice is always evolving. The deeper I go into the practice and knowledge the practice becomes more personal and more focused where I really can tune in. My daily practice starts with a 10 minute silent meditation. I set an intention for the day. The intention is helping me throughout the day to connect with my self and choose to allow myself to aline back and get in tune with the Universe.

My daily Yoga practice also has a Kriya Set and a sequence with Asana’s in it. Here I share 2 of my favourite. Read more

Kriya to awaken 3e Eye

Kriya to release anxiety

Gentle flow

Wall yoga

Yoga outside (the mat)


In this video’s I share with you my own yoga practice. I like to use props. So during your walk you can do your Yoga too. Practice with me. Also at home you can use a chair. The practice is inspired by different teachers and yoga traditions. Read more

Do your Yoga

Yoga in the park

Yoga & Walk

Yoga in the street